Opportunity to learn how to run a Business and learn Real Estate!

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You will learn how to start a business, work in a real estate company, how to get licensed if you want to, how to market your business through up to date techniques and technology. You will also learn how to operate a business and manage finances. You will be taught effective systems that will not only work in real estate but every business you choose to be in. Do not miss this opportunity to be an entrepreneur and to work with someone who has multiple business's in real estate, tech, and the music industry. In this opportunity you can play a key role in a strong team. You will also learn how create and achieve goals and to maintain consistency for any desired outcome with freedom and ease. Look us up my company name at EquitySmart Home Loans on the internet.


Working closely with a real estate broker to shadow him with whatever things that may be needed to complete transactions and take on more business. That can include Marketing, Operational and Accounting duties and having fun while doing it.


- 3 month internship
-must have a PC laptop
- be dependable, loyal, capable and honest
- be coachable and a great note taker
- be able to return calls and write emails
- journal to take notes and calendar to use daily
- have Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook and be proficient in it
- be a multi-tasker
-be able to attend development trainings
- be able to work overtime if necessary

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