Real Estate Investing Internship

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4041 Powder Mill Road Suite 510
Beltsville, MD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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CCS Enterprises is a real estate investment start-up company which specializes in buying. rehabbing, renting and selling residential properties in the Washington metropolitan area. Its three principals are seeking an intern who is self-motivated, self-disciplined, and enthusiastic in participating in an business venture which will enable the intern to learn the fundamentals of property acquisition, asset improvement and appreciation, capital acquisition/financing, marketing and selling. In particular this will be a hands-on opportunity in which the intern will specifically acquire skills in the following areas: 1) analyzing markets and properties; 2) executing appropriate real estate investing strategies 3) securing financing; 4) learning how to increase the value of the asset; and 4) creating successful marketing strategies. In addition, we are looking for an intern who will be willing to assist in pursuing areas of growth which have significant income potential. Our ideal candidate is an intern who is passionate about real estate investing and who views this internship as a vehicle for developing the knowledge and skills which can with concerted effort enable him/her to acquire income as a real estate investor.


Internship duties include the following:
Database management and Research
· Assisting in creating and maintaining databases
· Performing ad hoc and intermediate research requests such as helping to conduct analyses of market trends

Property Analysis
· Driving the market & documenting new or existing residential real estate property
· Assisting with onsite assessments of residential inventory
· Taking property photos & site due diligence
· Analyzing properties to determine profitability
Survey Analysis
· Assisting in the conducting of surveys which entails interviewing and assessing the needs of private lenders, prospective buyers and sellers
· Categorizing data from surveys
· Assisting with the creation of marketing packages and presentations
· Helping with the online marketing of residential inventory
Collaborative and Networking Partnerships
· Working collaboratively and maintaining working relationships with cross-functional team of contractors, attorneys, accountants, brokers, realtors, property managers, asset managers, loan brokers, title/escrow, and other team members
· Assisting in the development of new business partnerships
· Providing general team support
Project Management
· Manage projects & tasks to completion
· Assist with insuring on time performance
Administrative duties
· Compose/type general as well as confidential correspondence (i.e.. contracts and other agreements)
· Manage phone calls, voicemail and email correspondence
· Assisting in reviewing video training seminars in order to prepare manuals and checklists


Internship applicants should possess the following:
Excellent database management and overall computer skills (Excel/Word/PowerPoint)
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Good presentation skills
Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills
Efficient and accurate execution of work duties
Good problem solving skills
Effective at multi-tasking and successful at managing multiple projects and prioritizing tasks
Can work successfully under deadlines,
Willingness and capacity to function independently
Networking skills
Excellent project management and teamwork skills
Good natured and energetic
Enthusiastic about learning new material
Some business background is a plus but not essential

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