Artificial Intellgence Research Scientist

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Paragon Technologies Inc
Company Location: Reno, NV
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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Ideal for Undergrad/Masters/PhD students wanting to get industry experience and publish in IEEE conferences and journal. You will be working under adjunct faculty or PhD and learn from them. Please note that the sponsorship is more in terms of knowledge sharing and resources instead of financial pay. If learning and not earning is your intention then would be a good fit for you. You will be working from home so there is no need to travel unless u want to work at our office location. You will be working on a variety of topics but not limited to Computational intelligence, ANN, AIS, GA, Fuzzy logic, Video Tracking, Motion Planning, Biometrics, DRM, PSO,ACO,Computer Vision, Image Processing,signal Processing, Wavelet Theory,Watermarking and so on.


You must having good communication skills,,willing to work hard and be determined to succeed where others have failed.
MATLAB or programming skills is a plus.

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