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The mission of The Black Institute (TBI) is to shape intellectual discourse and dialogue and impact public policy uniquely from a Black perspective (a perspective which includes all people of color in the United States and throughout the Diaspora). The Black Institute will translate the “think” in think-tank into “action” through a head, heart and feet strategy: the head being research, data gathering, polling and academic partnerships; the heart being civic education, training and development; and the feet being on the ground organizing and issue based campaigns. TBI will change the discourse of public debate, train and educate new leadership and develop initiatives to build wealth, build power and deliver justice to Black people.

TBI’s Campaign Associate will assist the Director of Campaigns and Organizing (DCO) in her work with community organizations and key allies on developing, implementing, coordinating, and driving issue-based campaigns.


• Researching local community groups and organizations, their work, causes and campaigns identify community allies in organizing campaigns
• Assisting DCO in the creation and implementation of a positive vision of the project and the organization
• Assisting the DCO in motivating individuals and groups to take action
• Engaging individuals in broader community wide campaigns
• Creating and managing contact lists for individuals, groups, organizations, allies, fellow organizers and volunteers
• Conducting outreach via visits, meetings, phone calls, emails
• Assisting DCO in Organizing community events including meetings, trainings, press conferences, rallies and other special events


• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (listening, speaking, and writing) with the ability to inform, coordinate, and follow-up on with coalition partners through meetings and one-on-one conversation
• Proficiency in strategic planning and problem-solving
• Ability to leading by example and set high standards in work ethic and professional approach to the work
• Keen attention to detail and strong organization and time management skills
• Ability to work in a high-pressure environment, both independently and as part of a team
• Willingness to work long and irregular hours, including nights and weekends
• Previous experience and/or interest in community organizing and campaign management
• Participation and/or knowledge of student or political organizations or campaigns
• The ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds

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