Consulting Research Assistant (Atlanta)

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CCG & Associates Entreprises, Inc.
Company Location: Richardson, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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CCG and Associates, LLC is seeking an potential candidate interested in learning the realms of consulting. We encourage a meticulous intern as well as an interpersonal individual, exceptionally skilled with communication. This is because the internship focuses on remote research while maintaining professional relationships amongst the staff here at CCG.

Interns who fill this position should expect to learn and research wide platforms of consulting. The opportunity will be extended to individuals who possess creativity, superb attention to detail and superb communication skills.


-Perform research assignments for CCG and Associates and clients in all areas related to business
-Communicate findings of research in various formats as requested by CCG & the client
-Develop clear and concise information
-Conduct research remotely from computer and through the use of other various sources
-Communicate effectively through use of online portals, email, IM programs and telephone


Candidate should be comfortable working in a 100% remote environment and have adequate experience speaking with business owners, upper level management and decision makers. Candidate should be patient, personable and easy to talk to. Must be highly dependable and an independent thinker with the ability to hit the ground running. Candidate should also be goal driven, ambitious, highly organized and have exceptional attention to detail. Candidate should have some experience with presenting research in a number of platforms such as word, power point, excel etc. Candidate should have experience performing research independently through the use of the internet and other sources.

-Must live within a 0-2 hour commuting distance of Atlanta and be familiar with the metro area

-College Sophomore Level or Higher (High school diploma already acquired)

-Pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, or closely related field

-Ability to maintain the highest confidentiality in all aspects of job responsibilities

-Excellent oral and written communication skills with college courses taken in Communication & Writing (English 101 or Equivalent)

-Highly organized with a high level of attention to detail

-Proficient computer skills with a college course taken in Computer Applications or Microsoft Office Products or similar (must know how to use word processing, ppt, excel)

-Proven people skills

-Cooperative Team Oriented Attitude

-Flexible Schedule

-Ability to work at least 2 hours daily M-F between 9 A.M. -6 P.M. CST.

-Ability to attend at least one weekly conference call

-Ability to work in a 100% remote environment with no face to face interaction

-Must be comfortable speaking to CEO, COO, Upper Level Managers and Staff

-Leadership Experience Team Leader, Project Leader, Manager, Student Body Leader, Fraternity or Sorority Leader

-2 years general business or work experience (jobs, internships, volunteer work)

-4 references, one college instructor, one advisor/counselor, one former manager, one of your preference (if no prior work experience 5 references will be required 1 advisor/counselor, 2 professors, 2 personal)

-Ability to research remotely through use of the internet

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