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Wertheim Communications LLC is a privately owned new emerging media company (categorized under Electronic Communications) located in Central New Jersey. In a crowded marketplace of ideas Wertheim Communications strives to remain a pioneering spirit within the field of electronic publishing.

Our organization is seeking to develop a new kind of consulting practice -- an in-house operation with the objective of providing consulting services to other consulting firms, and bringing new consultants into the field.

Today, we live in a very complicated world dominated by very complex technologies; the kind which global trading partners and communications networks rely upon to keep the global economy running. Language differences, cultural differences, and conflicting regulatory environments add to this complexity. Newer, faster, and more powerful software tools are needed to help organizations the world over manage all of this complexity. The world today needs a new breed of consultant who can understand the many needs of profit and non-profit organizations that struggle to comply with many of the "new rules" which confront them in a world dominated by economic volatility and political uncertainty.

This position involves choosing a project from a list. The project would involve researching a significant problem faced by a theoretical corporation or small government (i.e. unemployment resulting from implementation of trade agreements), and under the guidance of the director working to solve that problem with the aid of technology consultants/partners, and the very latest software and technology solutions. The goal of the intern should be to learn enough to become employable or self-employed as a valuable advocate for professional consultants and consulting firms.


- Administer, archive, and manage the mutual non-disclosure documents that are mandated by our system.

- Conduct research on the long-term problems of large corporate entities that need to be solved at the board level. An example of this might be compliance issues (is there legislation in the pipeline on the state or federal level than can make this company's stock go down?).

- Work with the director and outside consultants to find solutions to these problems.

- Preparation of training and testing materials for in-house consultant trainees.

- Interview investment bankers and entrepreneurs to discover what needs they are having difficulty fulfilling.

- Researching media stories re: organizations involved in compliance issues (rogue traders, environmental disasters, et al).


The ideal candidate will have a fair aptitude for creative problem solving, basic b2b communication skills, have a good level of comfort dealing with new and sophisticated technology tools including mobile technologies. The candidate should understand that in a global marketplace diplomacy is everything, and that the ability to think analytically is compulsory. The intern will from time to time interact with software developers, technology solutions providers, business consultants and occasionally with investment bankers and venture capital types. An individual who could see themselves involved with a new technology start-up company would find this to be their dream situation.

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