Historian/ Research intern for proposed Marijuana Museum in Denver

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Colorado Museum of Cannabis and Hemp History
Company Location: Denver, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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We are in the mid-planning stages of a marijuana museum in Denver Colorado (The Colorado Museum of Cannabis and Hemp History). As you may have heard, Colorado legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana in January 2013 and, as of January 2014, now has licensed legal "pot stores" where any adult can purchase cannabis for recreational use. The Museum needs an intern research assistant to help search out any needed information/ historical items to help complete the museum's proposed exhibits.
This museum will be an exciting tourist attraction to Colorado for all cannabis users, and an entertaining new educational experience for non-cannabis users also.
We believe in informing the public of the benefits/ uses of cannabis and hemp, as well as the legal statistics and current changing marijuana policies in theses United States. We feel that the best way to do this, is to open this new Museum to the public.
If you are truly interested in participating in this unique adventure with us, please apply for this internship!
This will be the first museum of it's type in the United states. If the statistics hold true, when it is open, 10's of thousands of people will be expected to visit this museum yearly.


Helping by giving fresh outside input on new and proposed cannabis/ hemp exhibits for the museum.
General research.
Networking your friends and surveying other cannabis users and non-cannabis users as to what type of cannabis exhibits (besides plants) would be of interest to them in a cannabis museum.
Compiling researched information into informative essays to help us design accurate historical cannabis/ hemp exhibits.


We need 3 interns.
At least one of the 3 applicants to be chosen MUST currently live in the Denver area.
Most research the interns will be doing will be done on-line type research. Examples of the types of research we may ask an intern to do: Researching old movies such as "Marijuana" starring John Wayne, Researching vintage cannabis items and tales, Searching out statistics, etc. The research will involve writing a report on the assigned subject, and also a short synopsis of that report. All reports will be required to have footnotes and citations/ credits.
The interns will also be responsible for documenting their researches and keeping us informed often by writing progress reports to be delivered to us regularly by e-mail. There may also be personal telephone/ and or SKYPE communications if necessary.
We need SERIOUS and intelligent people who would like to be involved in this new type of educational endeavor. The world will be surely watching us when we open!

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