Intelligence/Research/Threat Assessment Collection Internship

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The World Protection Group (WPG) is a full-service, international firm specializing in all aspects of security with emphasis on personal and corporate threat concerns, invasion of privacy, random crime, residential security, and privacy issues of every description. Our core approach, techniques, and training methods are based upon the U.S. Secret Service model of both proactive and preventative executive security.


Serve as an Intelligence Collection Agent for an Executive Protection and Threat Management Company. Perform liaison activities across a wide range of intelligence community elements. Conduct logical and effective queries and research from limited or varying degrees of information, including raw data and open source intelligence. Organize and store large amounts of data so that it can be quickly referenced and retrieved. Produce concise and accurate information and finished intelligence reports. Be able to write threat assessments reports, open intelligence source reports, state and local intelligence reports, security site surveys, vulnerability assessments, cartel reports, information on security and emergency services, attack database, cartel database, and with a focus on intelligence from the country of Mexico.


Experience with time management and task prioritization, in order to execute multiple tasks as priorities shift or as the task level increases

Ability to communicate effectively to a diverse audience using a range of different approaches

Possession of excellent oral and written communications and skills

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