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About Ennovent

Ennovent accelerates innovations for sustainability in low-income markets. Our complimentary set of services enables clients to discover enterprises with novel solutions, develop business models to startup enterprises, provide finance and grow operations to scale profit and impact. Since 2008, Ennovent has worked with over 4,500 Network members, 15 Circle members and 20 Solution clients to accelerate over 70 innovations. We envision a sustainable future for low-income people in developing countries.
As a young, evolving for-profit enterprise Ennovent’s core strength is our team - a talented and self-motivated group of professionals with strong backgrounds in fields such as investment management, information technology, international development, business operations, entrepreneurship and the environment.
Ennovent’s organizational culture is dynamic; we are highly responsive to new ideas and initiatives that could advance our organizational aspirations, while also fostering a positive impact on low-income markets in developing countries. We promote a sense innovation, business ethics and professionalism in all our operations.
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Position Description

The selected Interns will be responsible for performing detailed, relevant and well-sourced research and analysis to inform strategic decisions related to Ennovent’s key expertise under the Discover, Startup, Finance and Scale verticals and/or operational channels like HR, marketing, IT, sales etc.

Selected Interns will be a key part of Ennovent’s ability to develop business strategies related to new and existing services as well as operations such including as human resources, marketing, information technology and knowledge management.


Key Activities

- Perform detailed desk research using well-sourced references, both online and offline.
- Map, analyze and effectively communicate findings into a pre-determined format (i.e. spreadsheet, report etc.)
- Recommend improvements to service or organizational strategy based on research findings.
- As required, develop the necessary processes, systems, tools and templates to support the implementation of recommendations.



Selected Interns will have the following qualifications, skills and attributes:

- Enrolled in or have recently completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in a relevant subject matter such as business, IT, marketing, engineering or otherwise.
- At least 6 months of work experience, either professionally or with an Internship.
- Strong inference and analysis skills and a desire to seek the most relevant information.
- Exceptional written communications abilities in English to effectively convey conclusions and findings.
- A clear ability to self-motivate and take ownership over producing quality deliverables.
- Possess the ability and cultural understanding to work with an internationally based team.
- Commitment to Ennovent’s overall mission and core values, as found online.

How To Apply

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