Online Researcher - Urban Gardening - Sustainable Design

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PowerHouse Growers
Company Location: Seattle, WA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Who We are:
PowerHouse Growers is a multimedia platform connecting individuals and businesses who are looking for, or interested in finding tools and resources to sustainably incorporate urban agriculture into their cities, businesses, and homes. PowerHouse Growers is the place where individuals, experts, businesses, and government speak the same language of urban agriculture, design, and development.

What We Do:
At PowerHouse Growers we show you how to incorporate urban agriculture and biophilia into your cities and homes for healthy and sustainable construction and design. Sharing the latest in technology, innovative design, and case studies, PowerHouse Growers provides solutions for integrating urban agriculture into urban design ensuring prosperous futures in high-density environments.

What We Believe:
At PowerHouse Growers we believe that it is not about what’s trending – it’s about what’s sustainable. Small changes lead to big impact resulting in happier and healthier people. Urban agriculture creates sustainability that everyone in our cities will enjoy today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

The Position - Online Researcher:
As an Online Researcher you will use your strong analytical skills combined with your passion for information-sourcing and fact-finding to support our writing and editing team in producing killer content that is relevant and solution-based.

You will be regularly assigned research topics which you will use as a basis to find information and compile it along with applicable sources and references. Sources of information will include articles, journals, white papers, reports, blog posts, product reviews, and multimedia - videos, infographics, podcasts etc. You are also encouraged to contribute topic suggestions of your own based on your analysis of the industry. Your voice is greatly valued and appreciated!


Online Research Interns are expected to commit to weekly research submissions of pre-assigned topics. Depending on the nature of the topic you will want to include diverse information sources and references. Online Research Interns should also feel comfortable making contacts and connections with experts and leaders to gather well-rounded and accurate information. Your weekly research will be submitted to our Editor who will work with you to support your role with PowerHouse Growers and ensure your success.

Applicants must possess:
-Strong analytical and problem solving skills
-Background experience in writing or contributing to research papers, articles, and reports
-Enthusiasm and passion for learning and discovering new and important topics
-Willingness to contribute to a growing team
-Eagerness to think outside the box and to recommend new topic ideas based on your own observations

PowerHouse Growers Management will work closely with the intern to ensure a positive and productive experience with the company. Creative freedom and input is always welcome!


We are seeking two researchers to compile information on the following topics:

Online Researcher - Urban Gardening:
-Urban Agriculture
-Urban farming
-Indoor Gardening
-Greenhouse Gardening
-Vertical farms
-Rainwater harvesting

Online Researcher - Sustainable Urban Design :
-Green Buildings and Architecture
-Green Infrastructure
-Sustainable Urban Planning
-Natural Design (Biophilia, Biomimicry etc.)
-Healthy Cities
-Building Integrated Vegetation/Agriculture (BIV/A) / Agritecture

Students studying Urban Planning, Architecture, Sustainability, Environment, Agriculture, or Journalism will find this opportunity is great way to apply their education. Students who are not studying in any of these fields, but who believe in sustainable urban design and food security are welcome!

Applicants are required to submit 1-2 samples of previous research projects they've conducted or have been a part of. You must also indicate which of the above topics you will be most interested in researching. Passion is a must!

How To Apply

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