Research Analyst - Internship

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Product Protection Group
Company Location: Short Hills, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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For a college student, real-world professional business experience can put you above the rest when you enter the job market. You will learn what it takes to run a successful business and acquire marketable skills and experience pertaining to every aspect of operating a business. And it's learning by doing, not by getting coffee or filing all day. Our internship program will allow you take on the same challenges that first and second year full-time professionals have to accomplish. We will teach and train throughout the entire process.

You will assist in researching new industries to find qualified leads. You will learn how to sort and filter data based on certain variables. For example conduct an initial search such as, give me a list or data dump of companies that have revenues less than $x million per year, that are in a certain industry SIC codes, located in USA and or Canada that have been business for less than x years. Then based on this output, you will have to further sort and filter the names to create a short list based on certain criteria. You will not make any outgoing phone calls. You will not send out any emails. This is not a sales function. This is more on the Research side of things. Depending on your comfort level you can get involved in the entire process or just do certain aspects on this entire process flow. You will use ms excel. There is more to it but hope this quick description helps and does not confuse the matter.


-Learn and understand the business, its products and processes; begin to apply analytical methodology.
-Apply practical methods of solution, with proper emphasis on the most crucial components.
-Assists in researching, identifying and resolving issues.
-Gather and compile information through research to support the goals of the project/effort or request.
-Research lists and companies online for potential customers.
- Identify appropriate contacts for each organization researched.


-All majors are considered
-You are comfortable working on a computer on a daily basis.
-You are extremely comfortable searching for information online (reference usa, hoovers, and other databases)
-You are detail-oriented.
-You are a quick learner.
-You work well with others, regardless of their position of authority.
-Working knowledge of MS Excel.

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