Research Internship

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About Cognizant Ventures (

We build both in-house and virtual teams, construct digital marketing campaigns, and create business development strategy for businesses. Leveraging our technology, people, processes, and social interaction capabilities, we assist our clients in reaching their business development objectives. Our specific methodology integrates, tracks, and analyzes lead generation, telesales, search marketing, social media, SMS, hand-held applications, e-mail, and mobile marketing.

Students will learn how to conduct effective research about brands and marketing.


- Conduct thorough research on industries, brands, and individual companies.
- Use the gathered information / data to assist in building a division of Cognizant Ventures.


• Any intern that works with us over a four month trial period will be eligible (based on performance) for a salaried position within our organization.
• Minimum commitment is 5 hours per week for eight weeks.
• All students that complete the internship will receive a written recommendation from our CEO.

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