Research Internship

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StemGenex, Inc.
1200 Prospect St. # G100
La Jolla, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Internship (3 month unpaid internship)

StemGenex is a research organization that educates and assists people who are seeking stem cell treatment in the US. The intern will learn the process of research and collection of data from people who have had treatment for various conditions.
StemGenex is committed to making this internship a positive learning experience that will be enlightening to the student seeking to pursue a career in the field of regenerative medicine, research and development.

Intern will be supervised by:
The Director of Patient Advocacy and the Director of Administration

Goals and Objective:
1. Recruitment Process:
• Learn the entire process of educating a potential candidate of the benefits of stem cell treatments.
• Assist participants with travel arrangements and gathering medical records.
• Educate candidates on the differences in treatments available in the US vs Outside of US.
• How to consult on the limitations of the treatments and how to manage expectations of a candidate.
• How to properly manage data.
• Attend meetings to participate in the planning of goals and debriefing of treatments.

2. Research/Data Documentation:
• Learn how to compile data from subjects who have had treatment.
• Actively collect data from subjects who have received treatment.
• Review testimonials and documentation of subjects.
• How to enter documentation into data system
• Chart and records management

At the conclusion of this internship we hope the intern will have broadened their scope of how to apply their educational studies into mainstream and bridge the gap between academic bio-science, research and marketing.
Intern is expected to follow the formal workplace procedures. Including: attendance, breaks, phone etiquette, etc.

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