Research and Writing Assistant for Angel Investor's Network

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AIN offers investors an opportunity to participate in the buying and selling of businesses, making equity investments, and providing debt financing to businesses with the opportunity of less risk and faster returns. AIN also works with investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial gurus who combine their skill and experience to work with our target investments. We invest our time, expertise, and money in exchange for equity with the objective to explode growth and sell the companies for far more than the current worth.

We are a growing company, and we have many fantastic people working with us who can offer a lot of opportunities, contacts, and tools and techniques for successful business practices. Any student who signs up for an internship will be assured a positive working and learning environment with people who are socially conscious, business savvy, and motivated to create successful companies!

This is a great opportunity for students to learn successful business practices, make long lasting relationships, and get introduced to many contacts they may assist them in the future. You'll work with business owners and investors. You'll learn about creating business plans, how to raise money for your start up, and tons more.


For interns who work hard and become part of our team, there are options for permanent paid positions and equity in the company. We will also write great recommendation letters and LinkedIn referrals for you once the position is completed.


-Research on private equity investing
-Articles written on early stage investing, deals that have been funded, deals that have gone public, deals that got bought out for a monthly newsletter, for blog posts and press releases.
-Write commentary on shark tank TV show entrepreneurs to post on
-Create checklists, take-always, summaries etc. on current teaching materials that we use
-Research and contact Angel Investors, CEO's, Private Equity Firms, etc.
- web development skills a plus!

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