Research the provisional patent process & file a provisional patent application

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TapWalk is an early stage startup that creates mobile apps for large events and venues: trade shows, universities, music festivals, museums, historical sites, chambers of commerce, etc.

We have several patentable ideas as part of our product. We'd like to self-file the provisional patent applications before having to pay lawyers big money to do the final filing.

We need someone to research the process and best practices for filing provisional patents; understand our patentable ideas; represent our ideas using the provisional patent best practices; file the patents.

Much of the work can probably be done remotely, but, understanding the ideas will most efficiently be done in person in front of a whiteboard.

Because we're an early stage startup, we're listing the position as unpaid. However, if sales are going well, a bonus is entirely possible. Equity might also be an option down the road if you're a good fit. Additionally, once you've accomplished this task, I know a dozen other startups that will pay for your newly found skills.


We need someone to do some research on the best way to file a provisional patent:
- research the process of filing a provisional patent
- research the best practices for writing and formatting a provisional patent

Then, for each idea (3-4):
- convert our idea from "tech speak" to "patent speak"
- file the patent


We need someone who has enough technical background that they will be able to understand our ideas and understands the best practices for expressing ideas as a patent. You don't need to be able to write software code, but some technical background will be helpful when understanding the patentable ideas.

Technical writing skills will be important for the creation of the patent.

Some legal background would be nice, but not required.

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