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About BetterMEBetterWE, LLC and

We are looking for unpaid interns that are looking for exciting opportunities to conduct research and engage in a company of educated, motivated, and experienced professional contractors. This is an excellent opportunity for exposure to mentorship, leadership and cutting edge ideas. This is a year long sponsorship that will start the summer of 2013 andextend for the rest of the year.

Conceived in 2006 and founded in 2008, BetterMEBetterWE, LLC is an idea whose time has come. Better ME Better WE’s mission statement is to “Improve the lives of diversity communities one heartbeat, dollar, relationship and mind at a time.” Our mission is to raise the level of awareness, communication and education to the diversity community and implement self-empowerment. How will our mission statement become a reality?

Our Byline: Powerful Communications Advancing the Diversity Community.

Our byline was designed to show the power of communications and educations and how it can empower everyone. Our focus is the diversity community, the Black, and Latino community; however, BetterMEBetterWE, LLC and are open to anyone that wants to live a Better ME Better WE lifestyle.

Building a 1.5 Trillion Dollar Bridge. builds bridges between the diversity communities and Corporate America, small businesses, educational institutions and not for profits. Through BetterMEBetterWE sponsorship, these institutions will have will have the ability to educate the diversity community while marketing their products and services. Most of these companies have not leveraged the financial power of the diversity community because the have not tried or don’t know how. BetterMEBetterME provides the tools to build powerful bridges.

Public Speaking and Training

BetterMEBetterWE writers, trainers, and contractors are excellent public speakers. We help motivate all people from all ages and all walks of life. We also design and deliver online and instructor-led trainings for organizations of all sizes. We have trained in many countries and have trainers from Latino and Asian countries.


Responsibilities include:

Researching multiple years of identified stocks, stock prices and profit and loss and comparing identified stocks to the .NYSE, S&P, amd NASDAQ


Qualified candidates must be able to research, analyze, and compare stock prices for companies that are traded on the NYSE, S&P, amd NASDAQ. This includes analyzing annual reports. Prior experience in analyzing stock, stock prices and annual reports is preferred (even if the experience is from the classroom)

Candidates must be a rising junior or higher, and have multiple classes in business or a prior internship in business related to stocks and/or the stock market. Prior intership experience in this field is perferred.

The successful applicant must have reliable internet access and the ability and discipline to complete assigments in a timely manner without consistent supervision.

How To Apply

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