Virtual Business & Consumer Research Internship

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Virtual Business & Consumer Research Internship

“You have the talent and we have the platform to expand it.”

About Digital Cloud Innovations

Founded with a focused vision of providing exceptional, full scale internet services, Digital Cloud Innovations is an interactive online marketing agency which has helped clients not only in building but also in managing their online presence by creating innovating interactive marketing strategies. To effectively communicate clients’ message before the target audience, we serve in various areas of online marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing Campaign Development & Management, Website design & Development, Web content management solutions, Web-based software development, and Mobile application development.

Digital Cloud Innovations works with companies all across the globe and from all industries, from luxury real estate development to e-commerce sites, and we develop strategies to best fit clients’ goals and vision. We believe in creating experiences and relationships rather than simply creating proposals and reports.


Duties and responsibilities

As a Business & Consumer research Intern, you will have the following duties and responsibilities:

• Participating in and contributing to group meetings geared towards developing, testing, and implementing new Business & Consumer Research Projects.
• Carefully Research & Review Business Training Materials, Seminars, PDF’s, MP3’s & Videos provided by Project Manager.
• Compose Presentations (Recorded Power Point / Camtaisa Presentations ) completely outlining exact items communicated in provided training materials by presenters, condensing core elements communicated; and presenting them in a concise fashion enabling team members to easily understand what you learned by viewing your created presentation.
• Researching successful local businesses & professionals as directed by Project Manager, gathering background data, planning and conducting recorded interviews to ascertain exact steps that they took to arrive at their current level of success and their recommendations for others who would like to achieve the same.
• Participate in team meetings and training calls as provided by project manager.

Experience you can gain as an Intern

Participants gain valuable hands on experience and training in research and public presentations. Interviews with Real World professionals allow participants to hone their communication skills and prepare for entry level positions in writing, journalism, management and business. Course materials provided for research projects cover Marketing, Online Marketing, Real Estate Investment, Business Development, Application Development, Venture Capital, and Specific Business Startup Blueprints and more. Participants gain priceless insight and training on these subject through this opportunity.


A performance based stipend is provided every 30 days, participants are paid based on the amount of transactions that their assigned Web Project produce. Upon completion of internship participants are provided letter of participation outlining participant’s performance, experience gained, and the specific effect that participants performance had on the project that they worked on. Including web traffic analytics and lead generation monetary figures that participant contributed to within project.

Our programs focus is to provide participants with hands on cutting edge training, verifiable work experience, quantifiable tracking of the numbers that their participation in the program generated; and powerful letters of recommendation. Stipends are given to reward above average performance within the project.


4 Hours Per Day, 20 Hours Per Week Monday - Friday
Internship opportunity is a Virtual Position but group training meetings and exercises are conducted in 4 hour time blocks. You will need to have 4 hours per day, Monday thru Friday available for team meetings, web marketing training, and client project exercises.


MANDATORY 4 HOUR TIME BLOCK – For Team Training, Team Build Exercises, Marketing Meetings & Campaign Action Items. Reliable Internet Connection, Laptop or Desktop PC, Ability To Call Into Teleconference Line For Team Meetings & Exercises.

Academic eligibility

The Business & Consumer Research Internship program is being offered to students currently in the final year of Bachelor’s degree in the field of Business, Journalism / Writing & English Majors, Research, Marketing, Psychology, and Sociology.

Relevant Work Experience Will Be Considered

Please forward all resumes and cover letters to: we respond to all submissions within 24 hours

How To Apply

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