Affiliate Sales Manager

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Culture Adapt is an innovative company that has a found a new niche in the international student market! Led by bestselling author Michael Miller, Culture Adapt is the first company that educates international students on American job search techniques to help them succeed in the professional world.

Culture Adapt has open student recruitment positions with a 50% compensation for every sale! Our recipe for success has been a wide-spread hit in all of the schools we have visited and we are looking for aspiring students who are seeking a rewarding position.


You will be expected to hit certain sales goals on a weekly and monthly basis. You can market using a number of different methods including but not limited to: direct referrals, social media, affiliate building, emailing student groups, flyering, business partnerships, events.

The online class you'll be marketing ( is sold around the world and has got rave reviews.


If you are highly driven and your profile is a match with the following characteristics, send us your resume. We want to hear from you!
-Positive Attitude
-Ability to Work Independently
-Goal Oriented
-Strong Interpersonal Skills

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