Alcoholic Beverage Internship at a Texas Distillery

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Undergrads and recent graduate interns (over 21 with US Social Security Card only need apply) at JEM Beverage Company are presented with a unique opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the beverage industry in the United States. They will gain real world experience, exposure to JEM Beverage Company operations, and have the opportunity to participate as a member of the sales team. The JEM Beverage Company will offer valuable training in the following fields:

1. Sales Techniques / Sales Management
2. Distributor Network (3 Tier System) - ON and OFF Premise
3. Marketing
4. Merchandising
5. Financials
6. Supply Chain / Operations
7. Distillation

Our paid internships are offered 3 times a year for undergrads and/or recent graduates. Applicants must apply at least 1 month prior to the start of the Trimester program as positions fill quickly. Our comprehensive flexible 14 week program is a 24-28 hour per week commitment for the Summer program and 14-16 hours during the Fall and Spring programs listed below:

1. (mid) Jan -(end) Apr (Application deadline Dec 30)
2. (mid) May - (mid) Aug (Application deadline May 1)
3. (begin) Sept - (mid) Dec (Application deadline Aug 30) - NOW ACCEPTING FALL INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS

Internships are being offered based out of North Texas (5-6) during the above time periods.

Undergraduate interns benefit from learning beyond the classroom when they gain hands-on experience with an adult beverage company. Thank you for your interest in JEM Beverage Company where you have the opportunity to learn the beverage business.

Please apply at:


Responsibilities include warehouse operations, marketing, field sales, supply chain, project management, and more.


Must be over 21
Must be able to lift 40 lbs
Must have valid Drivers License
Must not have a criminal record
Must have a Social Security Card

How To Apply

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