Outside Sales Associate

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DNA Personally Yours, LLC
402 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ
Posted: 472 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Schedule in person sales calls around New Jersey to generate new business leads and referrals. You will be provided with a wealth of contacts, you can set your own pace and navigate your territory each day. Develop your "elevator pitch" targeted to either a healthcare worker, a law practitioner, a family health center. The goal is to reconnect with as many of our current contacts and to create as many new ones as you can in your given time frame. 41% of children are born to single parents, our country is going through a massive immigration - all of these families need DNA tests to confirm biological relationships - the market is open and endless for someone who is creative, energetic and likes to network.


- Solid people skills
- Must navigate through healthcare, law, social service organizations to find decision makers
- Update Sales Management System with new contacts - in order to create email sales campaign within one month


- Possess skills at initiating sales calls, in person and via phone, and judging verbal content correctly that will appeal to target audiences.
- Prefer challenges that involve communication, are people-oriented, promote networking and socializing, and include roles that call for imagination.
- Hunter mentality on the road to open up new opportunities for referrals.

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