Communications/Marketing Summer 2015 Internship

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Dardis Academy
West Des Moines, IA
Application Deadline: May 1, 2015
Position: Full-time, Paid
Timeframe: 05/18/15 — 08/07/15 (Flexible)

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The Dardis Academy is the ultimate gateway from classroom to career. We provide exceptional leadership training to young entrepreneurs through real-world business experiences—giving students the competitive edge they need in their careers and life. Our professional training is a platform where students can apply what they've learned and prove themselves to future employers.


The Academy:
Students participate in the Academy (end of May or early June), which is a week long, skills-based training session in Des Moines, IA or Chicago, IL. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: presentation skills, high impact discussions, business writing, professional image and persuasive communication skills.

The Dardis Benefits:
We’re in the business of building future leaders and helping students to bridge the gap from the academia world to the business world. Our Classroom to Career program is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain professional communication skills as well as invaluable sales and marketing experience.
Here are a few of the many benefits:
•Competitive Edge: Employers want experience. They want confident individuals with practical, hands-on skills. In today’s competitive world, you need an edge. Dardis gives you the competitive edge you need to be successful in your career and in life.
•Professional Development: At the Dardis Academy, you have the opportunity to receive world-class training while you’re still a student. This is your chance to create a career while you’re still a student. By working multiple summers, you’ll develop positive habits that will stay with you for life.
•Network: Gain practical experience and meet individuals who could help you find your dream job before graduation.


What We Require:
•Self-starter, disciplined and solid time management skills
•Strong communication skills
•Organized and detail oriented
•Creative and flexible

How To Apply

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