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Efileno Corporation
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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WHAT WE NEED IMMEDIATELY: I am building a business that relies on my personal contacts as well as the contacts of my team. We need someone who is an expert in contact management. This means you would know how to pull together all contacts from various sources such as outlook, smartphone, linked in, facebook, gmail etc and put it all in one place. Then this information needs to be organized into a clean spreadsheet in order to be uploaded into salesforce. You must have knowledge of salesforce as well as be able to create custom fields.

I'm looking to work with someone possibly long term if you are really great at this. It would require coming to my apartment to help with syncing all devices (on mac), and then working individually with the members of my team to organize their contacts in the same way.

I would expect that you are familiar with useful iphone apps that help with contact management, and any other useful software. I need a real expert in this. We would talk about the time required and your hourly rate. This is not a full time position. We would call on you as needed - but you can work as much as you'd like. This would also mean being available by phone when your expertise is needed. We want to make sure you can build your resume by working with us.

Please visit our website to get a sense of my business
About me -- I am very trustworthy and I promise you will enjoy working with me :) .

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU: This is a start up and with every start up, there is a lot to learn if you are interested in business or entrepreneurship. You can be as involved as you want if you are passionate about our company. My partners and I meet extremely interesting people on a daily basis. So aside from doing the task at hand, we will involve you in what we are creating and you will learn about what it takes to build a business. If you'd like to get more involved outside of the description above (or even come to some of our meetings) I am more than open to that. We love working with hardworking, ambitious people. Also, our company is highly connected with some of the most influential people in the world. As a result of working for us, we can most likely set you up with a future job, either for us or with others in our network depending on what you are passionate about.


- sync contacts across all accounts (outlook, iphone, facebook, linked in, gmail, etc)
- organize all contacts into an excel spreadsheet and upload to salesforce
- work with our entire team to do the same -- meet with them in person
- find useful resources (such as iphone apps) that will help us be more efficient
- Help us set up meetings, and do other administrative work (optional)


Salesforce Knowledge
Mac/Dell experience

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