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MyBmore.Net LLC
Company Location: Baltimore, MD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Part-time, Paid

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HI our company was created to sell handmade stringy bags to support Sri Lankan Handloomers. The Handloom is basically a traditional machine that is used by women in Northern Sri Lanka to create authentic material. We purchase this material, create unique designs and then sell them to the world. Our main goal is to use our creativity to provide a steady income for Sri Lankan women who live by the business of handlooming. We are also a fun company with a lot of crazy ideas.

Responsibilities is starting from scratch. Therefore we need interns that are able to sell our bags. There are many ways to approach this. Our products could be sold online or physically at farmers markets, boutique stores, and events. We have many ideas for selling our bags that we can provide once you apply. We can create custom bags for Universities, teams and so on, therefore you can use your connection to make major sales. We will provide you with all the information to carry our mission forward.


1.Creativity - we love alternative thinkers.
2.Love for helping people
3.The ability to see the bigger picture..we want individuals who want to grow as our company grows.

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