Director of Sales and Business Development

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8624 Robinson Road
Boise, ID
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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Providing businesses a new way, an innovative way, to connect with their audience. Our web-based business review app renders businesses real-time reporting, transparent analytics, collects big data that transfers into actionable objectives, better decision making ideals, enhances SEO rankings, maximizes customer value, enables immediate service recovery when applicable, stimulates peaked performance while generating new business.


Seeking 1 Director of Sales and Business Development, whom I will work closely with in developing an elite sales team. You will engage businesses, utilizing any approved form of business development, turning prospects into paying customers. Business consulting services have been integrated with sales of our business review app.


Minimum of 18 years of age. Must be professional, disciplined, self-motivated, hungry for success, ethical in sales strategies; fluent in reading, writing and speaking English, familiarity with social media sites and technical lingo (or willing to be), reliable transportation, and will not be led by fear.

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