Electric GolfCycles Campaign

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Electric GolfCycles Campaign
Company Location: San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Paid

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Our Mission is to develop four separate "Prototype" Electric GolfCycles that are Safe, Fun, Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain, Easy on the Turf & offer golfers the option to Walk or Ride.

Our Plan is to Generate $400,000 to successfully fabricate four working GolfCycles, one of which will be pedal able. We then plan to create a strategic competitive strategy for marketing and promoting to the golfing world in order to expose their true value and benefits.

Our Goal is to bring GolfCycles to market!


We refer to our sales inters as Fundgenerators. Fundgenerators can immediately begin earning 35% of every dollar that they generate for the Electric GolfCycles Campaign.

Fundgenerators are independent contractors and the opportunity is available to all sales interns. Fundgenerating sales interns will have the opportunity to offer a multitude of top quality products and services.

Fundgenerating is not a multi level marketing structure!


We are seeking sales interns whom have good customer service skills which includes the ability to respond to potential customers' wants and needs. Being open, honest and coach able are other attributes that we feel are equally as important.

How To Apply

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