Fall Sales & Shipping Support Intern

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PetRelocation.com, named by the Austin Business Journal one of the "Best Places to Work" and one of the fastest growing privately-owned businesses in Austin, is seeking someone to join our team and help make it even better!

No move is too great nor animal too exotic for our team and network of animal movers and caretakers. PetRelocation.com handles everything from paperwork to international quarantine laws, from special health needs to door-to-door pet delivery. Shipments range from military dogs to Afghanistan, horses to Honduras, poison dart frogs to Switzerland, and thousands of mosquitoes to research labs.


Things you'll learn and do:
Book flights with various airlines for clients' pets
Research routing options, country import requirements, and other needed information for our team of Specialists
Update client accounts in CRM to reflect completed or in progress tasks and activities
Type airway bills, put together Driver Packets for our vendors and Welcome Packets for our clients
Assist in maintaining vendor schedule to show daily bookings around the world
Contact veterinarian offices and boarding clinics to obtain necessary details
The internship will also include a special project -- one that you'll be able to choose based on your personal interests and professional aspirations, which will become an incredible take-away to show off in your portfolio and resume for your future career!


As a leading provider of pet transportation services worldwide, we look for dedicated, enthusiastic candidates.
We're looking for a responsible, detail-oriented thinker who is good at multi-tasking and staying organized, while working alongside our team of Specialists to help them support their clients all over the world. If you can't live without a to-do list, this is the job for you!

Bonus Points:

Ideal interns are not the ones who possess the longest resumes, but the freshest ideas; a thrill for working in a new online industry, not just another job. If you enjoy contributing beyond your job description and working in an ever changing and constantly growing atmosphere, you'll love PetRelocation.com.

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