Field Sales Representative

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NutraFuels, Inc.
624 Six Flags Dr. #226
Arlington, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Paid

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NutraFuels was founded in 2009. With extensive research and development behind us, we launched our first line of nutritional sprays to the consumer in 2010. Due to consumer demands and the success of the product line, we discovered that there was a need for a convenient .25oz, easy to carry and equally effective option. In order to keep the product as convenient for the consumer as possible, we tested several retail markets in 2012. The market testing results have provided us with a strategic and competitive plan to expand the product launch nationwide to our retail partners.

Energize, Sleep, NRG-X, and Body Slim are the new vitamin supplement line we are offering. These products are derived from natural sources and are packed into a unique and innovated delivery system. The spray bottles offer an absorption rate that is clinically proven to be nine times more effective than most ingested nutritional pills and capsules. Along with being effective, the spray bottles are efficient and have the best value for your customers, allotting them multiple servings in one bottle. By presenting the vitamins and nutrients in liquid form, we have eliminated the need for fillers and waxes that typically make up over 80% of pill volumes.

The internship position is set up to build into a full-time sales representative job. Part-time and Full-time are currently available, and the possibility of moving into management is present. The distribution and retail partner industry is diverse, hectic, and rewarding. Those that are interested will be able to travel as a sales representative to trade shows across the nation, and this side of the sales division will begin to grow and expand in other states.


This role is a primary hunter position that would be prospecting clients externally. They would be required to find and sell into higher-level clients generally business to business to clients that are going to make larger purchases. The field sales team would be able to go directly to clients but often would need to schedule meetings with corporate clients. Door to door is possible but not recommended. They would be best served by working with inside sales to prospect, schedule, and then meet with clients in person. They need to track their pipeline and use the CRM extensively.


A degree is not required, but sales experience is. We are looking for dedicated workers who are willing to grow with the company as we expand our network of retail partners and embark on exciting new business endeavors. This is a great position for those who would rather not be stuck behind a desk for a 9-5 job, but prefer to be out interacting with people.

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