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MJC Advanced Financial Strategies, LLC
Company Location: East Freehold, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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I am a Certified Financial Planner that specializes in Estate and Retirement planning. My main goal is to help every one I meet. If you have a desire to have a career where you are independent, can serve others, and still make unlimited money than financial planning may be for you. However, if you can't take rejection, this internship is not for you. Half the time you are here I will teach, the other half you will be trying to get US appointments through cold calling businesses and cold canvassing. Learning these skills will give you the power to always have a solid career. I pay $100 per appointment made, bring you on the appointment to learn and give bonuses upon production. If you get your life insurance license I will split any compensation earned as well. You can work all throughout the year at your own pace, on your own time, at your own place.


cold calling and cold canvassing. Accompanying me on appointments for hands-on learning. Teaching sessions during the day TBD. This will not be easy, but can be very rewarding if you make it that way.


Must have the desire to be successful by helping others. You must embrace rejection with a burning desire to help others. By knowing you will truly help others, rejection melts away fast. Much of my practice is estate law and you should have a desire to learn that area. I need someone hungry, fearless, but honest.

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