Healthcare Sales Internship

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Do you want to get into Healthcare and get experience in the exciting startup world? If you do then there is a lot of money to be made (2.8 Trillion dollars). It's low hanging money and all we have to do is go pick it. The Healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, to reduce the cost of Healthcare, a lot of changes are being implemented and one of the biggest changes being implemented is the Health Information Exchange which is Electronic Medical Records. Type 'ACO start-up IT costs pegged at up to $4M' in Google and try to find out the money involved and also type 'Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act with Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD' in Google to watch the first video listed.

We are a large and well established Software Development Company catering to the Healthcare community. The CEO of our company is a Physician and is very well connected. We have a team of 90 developers in India and we outsource all the development work to India to keep the cost low.

We have a Sales position open where you will be going to different hospitals/Healthcare establishments and selling our services. You will be compensated 20% of every sale you make so if you make a sale of $100,000 then you will be getting $20,000, which will be paid out within 3-4 weeks of us receiving the payment from our client.

We are easy going and laidback. Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you if you are a suitable candidate, no prior experience is necessary.

The name of the company is Cultivated Solutions Hiring Organization: Cultivated Solutions 617.806.6199


The intern will research prospective customers and will arrange meetings with decision makers.


Although healthcare knowledge is a plus, it is not required. The candidate must be able to confidently present himself/herself and be willing to learn.

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