Independent Sales Reps – High, Continuing Commission

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Seawolf Technologies, Inc.
Company Location: Syosset, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Paid

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Seawolf Technologies, Inc. is a voice-over-internet phone technology company (a VOIP company) offering both residential and office phone systems. Similar companies include Vonage and Magic Jack. Both our residential and office phone system offer, at low cost, many advanced features not available on traditional land-lines.


We're looking for highly motivated individuals to act as our Independent Sales Reps.

These individuals will represent the company’s products, liaising with the company’s account managers to further penetration of the company’s target market. Telecom experience will be considered a definite plus. This is ideal for students, sales personnel, and consultants who have telecommunications and/or IT expertise or who are adept at learning about VOIP technology and applications.

Compensation: 20% of resulting Monthly Recurring Revenue (excluding taxes and federal/state telecom charges) for as long as we retain the referred customer.

If interested, send resume.

How To Apply

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