International Sales Intern

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KDBM International
Company Location: Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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KDBM International is committed to offering premier education and counseling to businesses around the globe that wish to expand their enterprise to the international stage. We're looking to find driven and motivated candidates who bring with them communication fluency (multiple languages ideal) as well as confidence. This position is virtual in that you'll be working from home on your computer. Its perfect experience for applicants who are looking to immerse themselves into the world international business. On top of learning about a global economy, a person working in this position will gain experience in marketing, sales, and communications. We ask that applicants are capable of dedicating 10+ hours every week to working.


The daily tasks of this open position would be as follows:

-Focused research into a specific industry. We want our interns to develop vast knowledge in an area that interest them so that they are motivated to do their best.

-Build relationships with businesses/entrepreneurs in industry of focus.

-Offer advice and consulting to perspective customers.

-Collaboration with our team at KDBM International

-Marketing our services by updating social media sites, posting blogs, etc.


We will consider candidates who show/exhibit the following:

-Strong communication skills
-Confident/pleasant personality
-Experience in sales
-Strong interest in international business
-Desire to succeed
-Motivation to learn
-The diligence to stay focused without being watched

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