Make money landing advertisers for new sports magazine

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Posted: 482 days ago
Company Location: Las Vegas, NV
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Paid

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to assist with the production of a startup magazines series?

At the moment, we are in the final stages of producing our first run of magazines in the Las Vegas area, titled The Boxing Life.

We are looking for passionate sales reps who are interested in landing advertisers for future issues while also being compensated for their efforts.

We have had great success networking with advertisers for this first run of magazines and as we move forward it is essential for us to establish solid relationships with as many brands and companies as possible.


This is a chance for you to not only see how the process of producing a magazine works, but also gain invaluable experience through approaching various potential advertisers.

You will be responsible for contacting potential advertisers while explaining to them the concept behind the magazine in an effort to gain their interest towards future involvement with the Boxing Life series.

We prefer not to use the word ‘intern’, as this is instead an opportunity for us to collaborate on something special together.

We have a detailed payment plan that we are more than happy to share with anyone who has a genuine interest in this campaign.


We are open to both experienced and emerging sales reps from all over the world. We have a wide range of projects to choose from and we can assure you that this will be a fun ride for anyone willing to help out.

Please contact us for more detailed information on all of our ongoing projects.

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