Marketing and Sales Internship for Business Without Websites

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Clear Clinic Laboratories
110 East 55th Street, Corporate Office
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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3 Benefits to Having a Website:
1. Helps you retain existing clients
2. Helps you get new clients
3. Adds credibility to your business

10 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Websites:
1. All businesses need to have at least a basic website.
2. Your website will likely be used more by your current customers than prospective customers.
3. Your website does not need to contain a million pages. That is often confusing for clients. Most small business websites only needs to have 5 pages.
4. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars setting up your website to get it up and working.
5. Do not waste your time with Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. For the most part these do not lead to new customers.
6. Do not spend money on Google pay-per-click advertising unless you really know what you are doing.
7. Do not waste your time trying to learn about internet marketing. Either set up a basic low cost website such as ours or hire a firm that you can trust to build a more sophisticated one. Just be careful you aren’t paying a lot for nothing with a more expensive firm.
8. Always include your photograph on your website homepage, people like to see the face of the people they are doing business with, it makes them more trusting of you and more likely to make to become a customer.
9. Make sure your phone number and address are at the top and easy to see.
10. Keep the content as simple and straightforward as possible.

There are over 23 million small businesses in the United States and many still do not have websites. Websites are a vital tool both to attract new customers and help retain existing customers. We believe a large hurdle to small businesses acquiring a website is (1) lack of knowledge of the internet, (2) lack of understanding of domain name procurement /website building and finally (3) distrust of the website salesperson.

We look forward to bringing on an intern who shares our vision in helping provide a low cost, basic, functional 5 pages websites for small business owners. We will do this by (1) making the process as easy as possible for the small business owner and (2) gaining the client's trust.

A student intern will be the leading force of the sales team needed to help with our network marketing approach to sharing our business model and ideas. As a new company, the intern will have first hand experience working in a start up environment where everyone's ideas can shape the future of the company. Getting the word out is the key to this business and we look forward to having a student intern help spread the word and help us build a client base.


-Hard working, self motivated and driven
-Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point
-Must be self starter and able to cold call or network to expand client base
-Must be willing to research new client potential and follow though on initiatives given
-Must be personable and creative
-Must be willing to attend networking events out of office hours (with notice)


Main Responsibilities:
• Reports to the main operations manager for the company
• Will assist in research, execution and management of all sales initiatives such as network marketing and trade show/conference logistics
• Assist with Creating company documents, reports, brochures, etc.
• Recruit and manage client accounts
• Gather all necessary information and create client websites
• Provide a company update to BWW Team members

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