Phone Marketing Home Appoints. for Art Sales

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19701 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH
Posted: 625 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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art2you is an exciting new art company that promotes and sells artwork directly in home sales.
We bring the art gallery right to your home. There is no second guessing, you will know within
3 seconds whether the painting is the right piece of art for your walls. We owned 12 art galleries
and have over 30 years of experience selling high end art work. We carry over 800 pieces in our
inventory, and represent 50 different artists from all over the world. The styles range from traditional,
contemporary, transitional, and abstract pieces. The prices range from $ 400 - $ 15,000 per piece.


You will be coached by a seasoned professional side by side working on getting art appointments over the phone.
This is much easier than most telemarketing interns, as art seems to be intriguing to everyone. Most people love
the idea even if they do not need any artwork. You will be calling on the phone, plus seeing our sales staff in action
both over the phone, and in person. So you will learn a great deal about the art business in general. You will learn
how art is valued, how people pick our art pieces, and most of all how they purchase exciting new pieces for their
walls. This is a unique intern position as it combines the business and knowledge of the art world combined.


If you have any telemarketing experience, this will be a big plus. Or if you have great phone communication
skills, great voice, and a great positive personality then this is the right internship for you. We have successfully
trained many phone marketers that have achieved great success in other areas of their business dealings. If you
have sales experience this is also a great plus, as we do many art sales in many different locations. We have Gallery
settings, Performing Art Displays, and many small businesses including high end restaurants have our collections
on their walls.

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