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We are seeking IMBA Program ambassadors to be our on-campus representatives around the Boston area. You would recruit students for a summer consulting internship program in China that is sponsored by the New Huadu Business School through presentations, Q&A sessions and word of mouth advertising.
This is not an ordinary office job. As a Program ambassador, you would be an on-campus representative responsible for recruiting fellow students and answering their questions throughout the application process. The hours are flexible and you ultimately determine when you work. Since the position is commission-based, the smarter you work, the more you will earn. This position is ideal for someone who is out-going and able to convey the program’s value proposition to potentially interested individuals.
New Huadu Business School (NBS) is a public institution of higher learning based in China with the vision of becoming a world-class business school. We help to solve real business issues facing Chinese enterprises and provide intellectual support on lifting their global competitiveness.
The Dean of NBS is Professor Edmund S. Phelps, 2006 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics and Director of the Center on Capitalism and Society of Columbia University, who has led the school since its inception in April 2010. NBS has attracted an international and diversified team of professors from leading universities around the world. The School operates in China (Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai), Switzerland (Zurich) and the US (New York, Boston) offering undergraduate, MBA, EMBA and IMBA programs respectively.
For more information, please check with:

- Real world marketing and advertising experience
- Part-time, flexible scheduling
- On campus work
- Unlimited commissions

How to apply: Sent us your resume (including telephone#, and e-mail) in order for us to set up your interview with our IMBA Director.


Responsibilities include:
- Social network marketing
- College marketing campaigns
- Conducting one-on-one market research
- Distributing varied media, including posters, door hangers, flyers, and table tents
- Promoting exclusive events
- Making targeted announcements


Requirements: Interactive personality, salesmanship, good organizational skills.

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