Sales & Business Development - Internship

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Product Protection Group
Company Location: Short Hills, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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We are looking for someone who has the drive to pursue a job in sales, marketing, and business development.

You will be working very closely with the partners to generate leads and new business/new clients. We work from an office in North NJ, but you are welcome to work from home. Our goal is to also teach and teach you throughout this process and by doing so, you will get a very good understanding of the process, build confidence and gain experience. We will teach and train throughout the entire process.

You will NOT COLD CALL. You will not have to make any OUTGOING PHONE CALLS.

Please email us to learn more. Thank you.


-Research various verticals, discerning which members of these communities would be good candidates for our product.
-Craft targeted email campaigns to educate prospective customers about our service
-Organize contact history in database and help prepare for in-person sales meetings.
-Craft email messages that are both informative and intriguing.


-Education or experience in sales, marketing or public speaking.
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Organized, efficient, and detail oriented
-Good written and oral communication skills including the
-Ability to compose clear, concise, and grammatically correct correspondence and documents

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