Sales Director

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Posted: 641 days ago
Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Paid

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Background on
RocketBlocks is a web app that helps students prepare for management consulting case interviews. It’s been live since 2011 and has helped students from every top MBA program (Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, Yale, Booth, NYU, etc) land consulting jobs.


Description is looking for it’s first sales guy/gal!
He/she will get to build a sales pipeline, sell against it and reap the rewards (see more in responsibilities)
Part-time role: it’s expected that you’ll spend a minimum of ~3 hrs per week but you can always put in more time
Complete flexibility: How and when you put in the time is completely up to you.
No travel is required. All deals RocketBlocks has closed have been completed over the phone and email.

Build & maintain a pipeline. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy (eg a Google spreadsheet will do) of sales leads, outreach to date, notes and status on each
Sell annual subscriptions to schools.
The primary customer is the career office and more specifically the counselor focused on consulting careers.
You will establish initial contact, pitch the product and explain how it will help their students & also help the career office accomplish their mission
Do the follow up necessary to close the deals
Drive contract negotiation through to completion (with consultation from Kenton).

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