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Greetings. My name is Jeff Hall. I’m a former VP from the Los Angeles Times.

I’m spearheading an online startup called “THE LATEST” (I nabbed the URL,, way back in 1996).

Last month, 55 million Google searches included the word “latest” (the latest news, latest justin bieber, latest iphone, etc.).

THE LATEST has the potential to become a world-class brand. Everyone wants to know the latest. But keeping up is hard. We’re all drowning in information.

Several smart people (media executives, PhDs, student interns from all around the world) and I literally spent the last few years tackling the issue of “information overload” head on. I’m happy to report we’ve come up with something pretty darned useful.

THE LATEST seeks to launch in June of 2014. There is much work to be done between now and then.

We have a need for maybe THREE business development (biz dev) interns who can explore, on our behalf, potential strategic partnerships with: other websites; media companies; advertisers/corporate sponsors; celebrities; etc.

Since we don't yet have a site, you will have to be pretty smooth to get your foot in the door, but what we hope you can accomplish is to get a dialogue started so that when we do launch, we can slide right in and see what we can do. If you create a relationship for us that pays off, we'll happily pay you a percentage for your efforts.

It's possible this will turn into a real (paying) job soon after we launch, which we hope will be this June.

Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to:

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Jeff Hall, CEO


We'll agree on a list of targets for you to go after.

Then you'll go after them.

We WILL want you to keep records of contact information, contacts made, emails sent, media kits sent, meetings held, etc.


Outgoing personality.

Ability to stick with it until you get to the right person.

Ability to pitch with enthusiasm, with a goal of closing actual deals.

Ability to juggle lots of relationships, track progress, etc.

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