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Want to get in on the ground floor of media, in a role that gives you 360 understanding of the mobile advertising industry? Apply to be a sales intern at Kargo!

Kargo builds, maintains and monetizes the mobile websites of major publishers like Rolling Stone, Vice, Better Homes & Gardens,, and many, many more. At Kargo, interns will work with the sales team to sell advertising on our sites to big name brands like P&G, Kraft, BMW etc.

Please send resumes and cover letters to


• Media planning 101 – Learn how to do a Media Plan.
• Campaign Analysis – Look at previous campaigns by line item and publisher to analyze performance
• Piece together outlines for upcoming meetings/proposals
• Work with Salesforce to cross check proposals
• Search press on our top 50 brands/industry news and report to the team daily


Must be a Junior or Senior in a four-year undergraduate institution.

How To Apply

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