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Description is a Chicago-based start-up in the car leasing business. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with great pricing on new leased vehicles, as well as unmatched customer service. While a start-up, has a well established client list and a solid revenue base, as it recently acquired the assets of a car leasing company that has long served the Chicago-land area. believes the typical car leasing process is broken, as the dealership model carries with it bloated costs, constrained selection (usually tied to a single vehicle manufacturer), and a buying process that is both time consuming and dreaded by the average consumer. At Carlease, we make the leasing process painless, by allowing our clients to price-out several lease options across multiple manufacturers in a single email or phone call (think TrueCar--a company about to go public for over $1B, but with people on the other end of the line). In addition, because of's significant purchasing power (and limited infrastructure/inventory), we almost always beat dealer pricing.

In addition to superior pricing, prides itself on providing its clients with "white glove" service. All cars leased are delivered straight to our clients' doorsteps along with a specially trained technician that is tasked with walking the consumer through all of the ins-and-outs of his/her new leased vehicle. Additionally, provides its customers with free loaner vehicles, free service pick-up and delivery, and complimentary car washes--all designed so that our clients never have to set foot in a dealership again! believes its business can grow substantially--first regionally, and then nationally--particularly with the aid of the internet and technology. We are looking for one to two summer interns willing to step into a dynamic, fast paced, environment and begin implementing the technology and processes needed to grow the company.

All interns will receive an iPad and CTA Pass.


- Assist Sales Team with new customer acquisition (will receive commission for all leads generated)
- Help create, manage and position marketing outreach campaigns
- Help manage social media strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Etc)
- Help manage and position internally driven PR/Media strategy
- Help manage content development/distribution and other SEO driven initiatives
- Help position online model with different channels (partners) to help generate sales leads


It begins with creativity, ingenuity, and drive at We will take care of the rest. That being said, familiarity with the fundamentals of Social Media and SEO does not hurt. And prior experience with blogging software (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) is always a plus!

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