Sales Internship

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120 Walker Street
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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A Day as an Intern at BrandYourself

We’re fast-paced, and every day brings new exciting challenges to solve as a team. You’ll be working directly with the founders on complex problems and trying your hand at new things. You’ll walk away with tangible metrics of success, whether it be “increased site traffic by 25%,” or “designed 7 new features” or “landed press coverage in the New York Times.” Everything you do will directly impact the business. It’s a huge opportunity to be part of something special: BrandYourself is leading the way in a new and rapidly growing industry, and you’ll be an early key member of our team (read Inc. Magazine’s article BrandYourself and the billion dollar SEO industry)


About the Position:

You will be working directly with the head of the concierge service and our senior sales representatives to help close our most important concierge clients. On a day to day basis you will be working with our sales software to help our sales team land new clients and improve our sales process.

Primary Responsibilities:

You’ll be helping an account manager with 25-30 clients at a time. Not only will you need to report back to each of these clients, but you’ll also need to report back to the management team on the exact status of each one. You’ll have to keep accurate notes on what work you’ve done and what progress you’ve made so the team can improve strategies as we move forward.

Strong communication skills (especially written): More important than anything else, you need to communicate effectively. That means you need to be able to

a) Write emails that effectively convey the benefit of the system to our users

b) answer complex questions simply and clearly

c) articulate things that work and things that don’t

You’re a genuinely good person to work with: We are dealing with people’s reputations, and they are rightly sensitive about them. One of our competitive advantages is how sincere and transparent we are. At the same time, you’ll need to manage expectations for our clients (results don’t happen overnight). We’ve found the trick to a great relationship is being a happy, helpful person.

Additional qualifications (these are a plus, but not required):

Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization: Though it’s not completely necessary that you have a background in SEO, it is definitely preferred. You will be answering questions about SEO on a daily basis so the more you already know, the better.

Prior Sales or Customer Service/Client Experience: Again, this is not 100% necessary but it is definitely a plus. Any prior experience working in sales or directly with customers in any capacity will help you easily transition into a position where you’ll be communicating with clients on a daily basis.

To apply, create a BrandYourself profile and send a short cover letter and the link to your profile to


Must currently live in New York and be available to start immediately.

How To Apply

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