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Poppin' is a new social shopping app that connects shoppers and diners with their favorite local businesses on a fun, collaborative platform. The app is designed to create a harmonious relationship where shoppers, businesses and the community at large all prosper together.

As a Poppin' Referral Agent you will earn $25 for every business that joins Poppin' using your Referral ID. On top of this, you will earn 5% of all revenue Poppin' receives from your businesses for the next 2 years! Business membership dues depend on the number of followers they have. So, the more users you get on the app, the more money you make! Crazy? Maybe. However, we want you to reap the benefits of helping Poppin' and your community grow.

Being a Poppin' Agent:
Go to your favorite local businesses and introduce them to Poppin'. We have a quick video you can show them on your phone and also an informative leave-behind sheet to direct them to our website for more information. This leave-behind will also have your Referral Agent ID number on it, which they will enter while registering to become a member of Poppin'. When they become a member, you get paid!


Work when you want. No one will monitor your hours. Refer businesses in your spare time, or dedicate months to cultivating a large commission pool. It's up to you! Make money as you go and see results for years to come.

Go to to register as a Referral Agent for Poppin'. While there, watch our Agent in Action video and view the Agent tab.


Who we are looking for:
Driven individuals who would excel as Poppin' advocates in their community. Make money while helping to get local businesses and community members to use the app. Gain valuable sales and marketing experience and make connections within your community!

How To Apply

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