Sales Representative.

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Thorell Media
Company Location: Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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We are looking for sales representatives on behalf of one of our clients. The position involves creating and maintaining clientele within the realms of electronic payments ranging from small local businesses to nationwide corporations.

As a sales representative you will be responsible of approaching business owners and offer them easier means of receiving electronic payments through our client’s many products such as credit card processing ranging from cellphone integrated payment systems to full on retail equipment, electronic payment software and more. On top of that you will also be able to offer them additional equipment and marketing strategies. Your job is to establish a customer connection and offer a way for them to save money by switching to our client.

As a business owner, handling electronic payments have become a necessary expense as credit cards, debit cards and money transfers have become the new means of payments for everyday items & services as well as retail markets. A company’s merchant account services (credit card processor and electronic payment service provider) are a necessary expense much like electricity, and as such you will be able to lower your customer’s already existing expense for the sake of our client and your wallet.

As you build your clientele portfolio with us you will also increase in value with THORELL Media. At the end of your trial employment we will discuss an in-house salary and benefits depending on your current account list and customer care competence. During your trial-employment you will receive a performance based salary consisting of commissions and several bonuses. Please see appendix for payment schedule.

Also, during the trial employment you will receive training and guidance from one of our Sales Directors. We believe that you are at the power to perform and you will have the option to be places in a team or work by yourself, over the phone or in the field. The possibilities are endless, as we believe innovation comes from enthusiasm which will help you succeed and prosper with us at THORELL Media.


No experience necessary.

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