Sales and Marketing Associate

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This is an extraordinary opportunity to develop and execute a marketing plan resulting in portraiture sales to affluent families in your local area. You need not be present to participate and you can work remotely in a way that is compatible with your educational goals.

Portraiture in the Southeast has long been recognized as way to capture the youth and vitality of our children in oil on canvas thus creating a lasting memory. Portraiture has also been a means to recognize prominent corporate, professional and entertainment personalities with grace and elegance once displayed in the home or office.


Responsibilities include working directly with the head of Marketing and Sales to identify target markets for portraiture and developing a comprehensive plan for developing new markets and increasing market share as well as revenue. Participants in this program will be required to attend weekly online meetings to discuss market plans as well as pipeline calls. Success will be recognized on a commission basis. For more information visit:


We are looking for individuals that are passionate about sales and marketing that can assist in identifying target markets, developing marketing plans and growing market share and revenue. Prior experience or course work in developing marketing plans and sales is a plus.

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