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WomenLEAD, Inc, is a MassChallenge finalist. and a SAAS company.
WomenLEAD is an innovative online platform designed to accelerate women’s advancement as leaders. It combines the power of the social network with tools for advancement. Since one mentor may not provide you with everything you need, when you need it; WomenLEAD enables women to create a personal group of advisors; who know their strengths, challenges, and aspirations; bringing their collective wisdom to bear on issues of concern.
52% of all women in STEM leave their careers mid career. This is true for other industries as well.
HBR study concludes: Lack of role models, mentors, unclear career paths and unsupportive work environments.
WomenLead offers an online personal advisory board platform designed to advance women as leaders. Research shows that in this digital world 1-1 mentoring is not effective since one person may not have what you need when you need it.
It costs companies 100K to replace mid-level employee. Retention of women is a big problem for companies today.
WomenLEAD will increase a companies retention of its women and attract talented women. It will dev women as leaders .
Our focus in B2B .

WomenLEAD is an innovative online web and mobile platform designed to accelerate women’s advancement by:
• Offering access to a personal group of advisers who know their strengths, challenges, and aspirations.
• Developing new perspectives through a rich library of training videos and reference material.
• Participating in communities organized around industry, job function, and special areas of concern.
This intern position is a commission only sales position you will learn from one the world's best networker and closer.


Responsible for opening up relationships and partnerships
Researching information about sales leads
Creating sales decks and going on sales calls
Writing contracts and Statements


Experience in building longterm relationships
Experienced Networker
Researching and setting up appointments
Closing business
Writing contracts, Statement of work

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