Sales/Marketing Internship

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Aflac is a Fortune 500 company and part of the prestigious Standard & Poors 500 Index. This unique Internship/Training Program offers an intense training program that prepares college students for a professional career. Interns receive licenses and certifications that make make them stand when they enter the workforce. Aflac’s comprehensive training combined with hands on field experience improves resumes and dramatically increases confidence.


• Must have a strong work ethic
• Must have good oral and written communication skills
• Must be professional
• Must be coachable.


The program is broken down into three distinct segments.

1/3 Classroom Training & Certification
• Sales & Marketing Training
• Enrollment Certification
• Professional Licensing
• Professional Development Seminars
• Strategic Marketing Training—“Working with the Who’s Who in the Baltimore-Washington Business Community"

1/3 Field Training and Observation
• Witness meetings with area professionals (CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, CPA’s, etc.)
• Observe Strategic Marketing and Development Interaction
• Participate in Enrollments
• Money through Lucrative Commissions
• Stock Bonuses
• Trips to exotic locations i.e. Hawaii, Jamaica

1/3 Marketing and Market Development
• “Unconventional Marketing"
• Referral Development
• Internet Marketing
• Interpersonal Contact
• Learn Communication Techniques Invaluable for Persuasion over the phone
• Master “Top-Down" Sales

How To Apply

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