Sales/Marketing Paid Internship Position

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The Party Ride is offering Sales Internship positions to qualified ambitious candidates. If you are interested email your resume, contact number and email to:
The Party Ride is the #1 Limousine Transportation Company in the North Eastern region exclusively providing Party Bus transportation throughout the region. Our Customer base has over 100,000 satisfied customers and over 1.1 million transported passengers. The Sales Intern position is focused on learning to market, sell and test your limits.

With near unlimited potential, our Internship Program is to provide students and prospecting career-seekers a powerful way to understand and succeed in the business and marketing field.

The internship: This position is based on four main features: Teamwork, Dedication, Creativity and Potential.

Teamwork: The intern will be a member in a team of interns who will be focused on a sales goal for the month. The interns will use creative marketing tactics and coordination to meet their goals.

Dedication: A successful intern will give everything to the job and beyond. We are looking for candidates who can use their education and life-lessons to think outside the box.

Creativity: The Party Ride believes in creative minds and invests in them as well. Our marketing team is readily looking for new ideas, new ways to find exposure to potential clients, effective sales tactics and group-based methodologies which may help us serve our clients better.

Potential: Our business is rapidly expanding, from our growing fleet to the broadening of our transportation reach we are actively seeking better business opportunities and employees. With this internship program – you have the potential to earn and grow with us.
What happens after the internship: Interns have the potential to become full-time or part-time employees in every position of the company including sales, marketing, logistics and even management. These will be offered to our most outstanding interns based on their performance.


Sell transportation services to a rapidly expanding lead base
Seek clients outside of our standardized methods
Email, call, text and live-chat with potential clients
Improve/upgrade current sales
Answer phone calls and provide sales service
Subject to weekly evaluations
Follow leads and increase interest from potential customers
Find creative ways to get more clients


Duration: an Average of 3 months (may be less)
Compensation: $8.00/hr + Commission*
*Commission based on sales made past a set amount, starting at 5% up to 8%, there is no cap to the amount the intern can earn

Positions: 6 sales intern positions with the potential to become marketing/management interns (based on performance)

Ideal candidates must have:
Marketing/Sales experience/education
At least one year of college experience
A passion for sales and marketing
A Creative mind able to think without limits
Fluent in English
Ambition to observe and learn about the business
Willingness to show initiative and go beyond your responsibilities

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