Sales/Marketing/PR Internship at a startup - FT/PT

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TapWalk is a platform for large events and venues (conferences, music festivals, universities, malls, etc) that allows the event or venue to connect with visitors through a mobile app and their website. Imagine google maps on your phone... but you can zoom right into the mall and see stores, into the museum and see artwork, into the music festival and see the schedule of events, etc.

Being a startup, there's an endless list of things to do and not enough people to do them.


We target multiple verticals (universities, trade shows, malls, museums, music festivals, chambers of commerce, etc). We know the technology... but each vertical needs a slightly different marketing approach.

Someone needs to explore each vertical, identify the key pain points within each we can address, find the influencers that write/blog/speak about the space, and finally create an execute a plan to become well known.

Utilize twitter, facebook, reaching out to bloggers, etc. But, we really need someone to map their own path and make it happen.


- Strong communication/writing skills
- Interest in marketing for a mobile startup
- Ability to figure things out, make a plan, and execute... there's no roadmap to follow here!

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