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Through years of pharmaceutical science and research into nature's own powerful remedies, LifeForce Nutraceuticals has successfully identified the key active ingredients and exact combination of wheatgrass and and other herbal substances known to be highly effective in supporting and sustaining optimum health:
We have refined these natural active ingredients to provide the safest, most effective benefits for increased energy and vitality, accelerated weight loss, and mood enhancement.
LifeForce Nutraceuticals delivers the first oxygen infused natural dietary supplements for increased energy, stamina, vitality, and optimum health backed by premium quality standards and scientific substantiation.
All of this for a simple reason: Because our educated and health conscience consumers demand this level of quality in order to take control of their health.
We are seeking health conscience individuals to bring awareness to our Wheatgrass based products,to ehance the health of your fellow human beings,build immune systems,help people get more out of life all of which will lower health care cost.


- Coordinate online marketing and advertising campaigns and update Web sites
- Collaborate with the Communications Department and report to the Senior Digital Strategist
- Organize staff and campus coordination and community outreach


- Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

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