Technical Sales Engineer Trainee Internship

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EAS Incorporated
619 Michigan Avenue
Escanaba, MI
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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EAS Inc. is an environmental engineering, consulting, marketing, and catalyst equipment brokerage firm working on a straight commission basis in the range of 40% net profit range per sale. The owner Gary J. Masonick has been working in the field of catalysis or environmental air pollution control for the past 32 years time successfully. The intern must currently reside in the Escanaba area. For more information at We are an in-home based entrepreneurship and the opportunity exists for the right person to learn sales, marketing, management, chemistry and mechanical engineering on a part time basis and use this for college credit. This is a straight commission sales engineering position.

We are willing to train the right individual possessing excellent both verbal and written communications skills, computer literate, and some prior sales experience extremely helpful.

Dedication and committement are the key essentials. Must be willing to make as many as 40 cold calls per day on pre-qualified leads provided. You will be given your own $3200 dell laptop computer and a phone line. We will personally train you on who to call and what to say. We guarantee your success and no risk on your part. Must be willing to learn and take instructions and follow them to a tee.

In the past the corporation as had sales as much as $2.5 million dollars per year and personally I have earned as much as $250K per year. That opportunity exists for any person willing to learn and that is higly disciplined.

You can learn how to run and operate your own business and what it takes to be successful from someone that has been doing this all of his life. My goal is to find the right individual that I can eventually learn to turn the company over to while I just act in the role of teacher, advisor, consultant and techical engineering manager. We have previously taught such individuals that now compete against us. You will be required to sign an independent contractors agreement and non-compete agreement for at least 5 years. We will teach you the chemistry, mechanical engineering and sales requirements of the position.

Initially we are offering $8.00 per hour plus 1% sales commissions based upon the total net sales volume of the sale. Our typical sales range is in the area of $1000-$25,000 per sales at an average rate of commission in terms of net profit of $10-40% of the net selling price in commissions. Raises in the commission rate and salary are commensurate based upon the ability to comprehend, perform, sell, learn and deliver proven results.

All interested applicants should respond with a resume to that will be reviewed and then I will contact you directly.


Must be willing to learn the environmental air pollution control business and what it entails including all existing air pollution control technolgies which we will teach you. You are expected to follow proven sales scripts and make up to 40 phone calls per day on pre-qualified leads and keep track of this infomation and the results of each and every sales calls in an existing ACT sales contact management data base tracking software program. It is easy to learn. The business we are in involves the sales of precious metal catalysts, catalyst washing services, equipment sales and precious metal recovery and is considered a long term capital equipment and pre-qualifying sales process. We only seek individuals willing to put in at least one year to learn the business with the opportunity of having ownership in our company. Must be computer literate. Ideal attributes include persistence, aggressive, outgoing personality, and ability to easily communicate with others and establish long term on-going relationships. You must be a goal oriented person possessing discipline and determination. Our business is to determine if the potential client already uses catalysts or any type of air pollution control equipment required by EPA. Based upon the data you collect; we then instruct you what marketing information is required to be sent and what questions to ask. This is a field proven sales process with someone that has worked in this industry and been successful on his own for the past 16 years time. Your attitude and desire to succeed will determine your level of income and the ability to run my company in the future. We are offering an opportunity of a life time to the right person. If you have any doubts then ask questions and we will also send you our own personal resume of accomplishments in sales, marketing and business management.


Any prior sales experience accepted however is not mandatory. Must be willing to learn and take instructions. Any sales, marketing, business management and technical experience would be extremely helpful whether by coursework or actual experience will be taken into consideration. The ideal canidate will live in the Escanaba, MI. area or close by and be willing to donate at least 15-20 hours per week and work on straight commission.

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